Tube Shocks

Tube Shocks

We customize tube shocks made by Monroe,

Delco, Gabriel, and Koni to fit hard to find applications

by length and mounting specifications.

All shocks are customized for your order

No cancellations for any reason.

Heavy Duty Shocks - 1 3/16" piston

Limited Lifetime Warranty


The best shocks for all small cars

and full sized cars that want a softer ride.>

Choose Gas charged shocks for a crisper feel

or select our Hydraulic shocks for

the original "softer" ride feel.

Extra Heavy Duty Shocks

Limited Lifetime Warranty


The shock for full size cars and trucks

including raised or lowered vehicles.

Superior stability and a comfortable ride

is achieved by using an internal piston of 1 3/8" O.D. to

spread the load over roughly 50% more piston area

 and provide almost double the oil capacity.

Choose Gas Charged XHD shocks for a crisper feel and quicker response

or Hydraulic XHD shocks for a softer period correct feel.

Super Duty Shocks - 1 5/8" piston

Limited Lifetime Warranty


These shocks are the answer for the toughest jobs:

Limousines, Ambulances, Super Duty pickups and vans,

Motor homes, Military trucks, campers, Mining trucks.


Restore ride height and carry heavy loads.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Estimated Pounds of lift per pair

Front 2" O.D. Spring Assist Shocks

Approximately 450 lbs. of lift per pair

Front/Rear 3" O.D. Spring Assist Shocks

Approximately 850 lbs. of lift per pair

  Rear Extra Heavy Duty 3" O.D. spring assist shocks:

approximately 1,100 lbs. of lift per pair

and a 50% bigger piston size.

Air Shock Kits

Limited 5 year Warranty


Variable lift up to a maximum of 1,100 lbs/pair.

Rear air shocks help restore ride height

and assist in carrying heavy loads.

Front air shocks are available where clearance allows

for snow plows and other applications.

Vacuum and Electric Air Pumps Available.


Show Prep Service


AC Cobra shocks - before                  AC Cobra shocks - after

The shocks are cleaned down to bare metal all bushings are replaced,

damaged mounts repaired or replaced, bare metal or gloss black finish.

Original shocks rebuilt

Shocks are cleaned down to bare metal, all bushings are replaced,

new internal parts, renumbering (if needed) and reassembled.

Delco Sprial Shocks

We have a limited quantity or NOS spiral shocks that we can

customize by length and mounting to fit your application.

Horizontally Mounted Rear Shocks

Limited Lifetime Warranty


1966-70 Olds Toronado and 1967-70 Cadillac Eldorado

1941-50 Packard - Rear

Military Vehicle Shocks

All military and jeep applications: large or small. 

Steering Dampers - Limited Lifetime Warranty

67-70 Cadillac Eldorado & 66-70 Olds Toronado    

Generic Shock Mounting Brackets

Generic Mounting Brackets - Adapt these to your needs.