Extra Heavy Duty Shocks for Limosines, Stretch limos, airport vans, Super duty pickups, 1 5/8" piston shocks, biggest, strongest shocks available

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We supply a line of shocks specifically made

 to handle these types of extra heavy loads.

 We use a shock with a 1 5/8" internal piston

 to spread the load over a wider surface area

which provides the improved stability and control you need.

Delco Lever Action Shocks

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We offer rebuilding service on front and rear Delco Lever Action Shocks.

 We disassemble, inspect and rebuild the shocks and back them with a

10 year warranty.

Nash Ambassador Rear Shocks - 1948

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What makes these shocks unique is the lower mounts, the shock stud on the bottom screws directly into a ball socket on the car. Just made a set for a customer. We offer these in hydraulic or gas charged in heavy duty, extra heavy duty, coil over and air shocks.

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