How to Measure

Measuring Tube Shocks

 Measure fully extended and collapsed

Then measure the mountings at both ends

 Measuring Shock End Mountings

1. Eye mounts with rubber bushings - measure I.D. of the bushing

2. Eye mounts with sleeves, measure the I.D. and Width of the sleeve

3. Cross pin mounts - measure center-center of 2 bolts and O.D. of bolts

4. Stud Mounts - measure the
length and O.D. of the stud, note if shouldered

5. Stud plate
- measure center-center of 2 bolts and O.D. of bolts


Measuring Leaf  Springs


Coil Springs

Coil Spring End Types

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History of A-1 Shock Absorber Company

Established in 1936 to rebuild all brands of lever action shocks.

The company grew and then declined as the original owners aged.

We (Mark and Phillip Lincenberg) purchased the business in 1982,

we created our own line of high volume, low price shocks that we sold worldwide.

We also diversified into rebuilding heavy duty truck steering gears and pumps.

As the market changed so did A-1 Shock, we began specializing in

parts for vintage, classic, custom, raised, and lowered cars and trucks.

We also supply shocks for current applications that are not mass produced.

Everything is done on a custom basis so once ordered can not be cancelled or returned.

All parts are guaranteed to fit and function properly and are fully warranted.

Shock and Steering rebuilding on all makes and models where parts are available.

Delco, Lovejoy, Houdaille, Gabriel, Tube shocks, Spiral shocks, etc.

We service all makes of steering units but specialize in 1928 – 1951 Ford gears.

10 year warranty on all rebuilding work, 10 times our competitor's.