Repairs, ATV Service


Repairs & Maintenance

 Accessory sales and installation

Plows, Winches, Racks, Packs, Lights, etc.

Fast Turnaround, Locally owned, Friendly Service


Most makes and models

Pickup and Delivery service is available.

Serving Summit County, Silverthorne, Dillon, Frisco, Summit Cove,

Breckenridge, Blue River, Copper Mtn, Heeney, Vail, and more.

Services Offered

Tune up, carb rebuilding, carb synchronization, performance upgrades installed, Compression test.

Tires and tubes, Tires and rims sold, mounted and installed.

Brake Repairs,  Replace Brake Pads, Shoes & Rotors, Brake fluid change, Rebuild master cylinders.

CV joints, CV boots, Clutches and gearboxes rebuilt, Wheel bearings replaced, .

All bearings and seals, Gearboxes, differentials, drive units, linkage and suspension, replaced.

Frame Repairs, Welding, repairing and reinforcing cracked frames.

Shocks and Springs,  Replacement
, adjustment, and upgrades.

Starting System,  troubleshooting and repair, starters, solenoid, batteries, switches, wiring, lighting

Fluid Replacement, all fluids changed and replaced with OEM specified fluids.

Accessories, We sell and install almost any accessories, including luggage racks, fairings, windshields, crash bars, backrests, winches, lights, etc.


1. Shop Rate is $99/hr.

2. We have a 1 hour labor minimum which is paid up front and is non refundable for any reason.

3. Customer drop off/pick up time is Monday  - Saturday 1:30 - 5:30 - call 1st to schedule

4. Pickup and Delivery Service is NOT included in the warranty.

5. The pickup fee starts at $50 each way and varies depending on your location.

6. 30 day warranty on all repairs (unless stated otherwise)

7. Fully insured - certificate available